Choosing Your Virtual Administrative Assistant

So, you’ve thought it over and decided to get some virtual administrative support for your business. Before taking the big leap be sure to weigh your options carefully. There are several virtual assistants available. However; it’s important you select the assistant who meets your specific needs. Before you begin your search, make a list of the tasks you would like your virtual administrative assistant to complete. How often will you need the assistant to complete those tasks?

Here are a list of administrative tasks most VA’s can provide virtually:

  • Check and Respond to Voice-mails and Email
  • Telephone Answering and Messaging Services
  • Prepare Letters, Memos, Reports
  • Take and Transcribe Meeting Notes
  • Database Creation and Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Appointment Scheduling and Reminder Service
  • Coordinate Travel
  • Reconcile Expense Reports
  • Project Management
  • Data Entry

Now that you know what you want the assistant to do and how often, make a seperate list of what you are looking for in an assistant. Does your line of work require the assistant to have a specific background or skill set?

Some VA’s have background in the following:

  • General
  • Legal
  • Insurance
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate

How important is availability to you?  Would you prefer your assistant work during certain business hours?  This is very important as some Virtual Assistants are overseas, which would make them available long after you are asleep. Some people prefer to have the VA work while they’re sleeping. Others like the idea of being able to contact their VA during their working hours. So you now know the type of assistant you want and the hours you would like him or her to be available.

The next decision is to determine if a  solo Virtual Assistant or Virtual Assistant Service Company will meet your needs.

Solo Virtual Assistants are in business for themselves and normally work alone from their homes.  A solo VA has more than one client and will not take on more than she or he can handle. The VA may stop accepting clients at times to ensure his or her workload stays well balanced. Should the Virtual Assistant become ill or have a family emergency your tasks or projects may be put on hold until they can return back to work.

Virtual Assistant Services are businesses that are normally ran from an office space or the VA’s homes. The business owner or manager assigns a client to a specific dedicated virtual assistant based on the clients needs. If the dedicated VA is not be available due to illness or family emergencies the tasks and projects are then reassigned to another assistant for handling until the dedicated VA returns.

So there you have it, all the information needed to choose the best virtual administrative assistant for your business needs. I hope this information has been helpful and directs you to a VA that will work with you to exceed your goals. For more information on Uniquely Coordinated Assistants please visit our website


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